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The home-study courses resource center, sponsored by the Freedom From Pain Institute, is designed to provide the latest news, information, articles and tools related to home-study continuing education courses for massage and bodywork therapists.

Home-study courses provide working massage therapists and bodyworkers with the ability to expand their repertoire and earn continuing education credits at a time and place that is convenient and affordable for them. Home study, online and distance learning, has gained popularity within the past few years, as massage professionals seek more ways to receive higher education in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The Freedom From Pain Institute is dedicated to the research and treatment of chronic pain conditions. In his duty as executive director, Erik Dalton, Ph.D., shares his broad therapeutic background in massage, Rolfing and osteopathy in his entertaining and informative pain-management continuing education workshops, books and videos.

Create a Study Space for CE Success

Imagine attempting to complete a home study continuing education program in the corner of a messy, crowded kitchen, where friends and family members might be coming in and out, causing all kinds of distractions.Now, consider the difference between that scenario and one that involves a room or space that is dedicated to the successful completion...  Read More »

Ergonomics, Posture, Pain, and Your Practice

The ProblemAmericans are increasingly sedentary. People sit more. Shoulders hunch forward, necks lean out, and pain increases. It is likely that you see plenty of clients with problems related to poor posture and lack of ergonomic planning. Using your required continuing education units to learn more about ergonomics, posture, and how those factors can be...  Read More »

Use Continuing Education to Prevent Burnout

Unlike the large number of people who spend their professional lives seated at a desk and looking at a computer, professional massage therapists and bodyworkers have the benefit of being up and about as they provide sessions to clients throughout each work day. While this can bring benefits, such as improved fitness and fewer of...  Read More »


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  • Fanning Fibromyalgia Flames with MAT
    For decades, fibromyalgia patients have been told their pain was imaginary, the result of emotional distress and not an authentic physical ailment.
  • Using MAT to Find the Weak Key Link
    Manual and movement therapy blogs are abuzz advocating the significance of thoracic spine (t-spine) mobility, as if it were a new discovery.
  • Bone on Bone – Treating Frozen Shoulders and Shoulder Impingement Syndrome with MAT
    The term frozen shoulder has been everywhere since the early 1930s, but recent research by Drs. Andrew and Robert Neviaser found that a stiff, painful glenohumeral joint doesn’t consequently mean the shoulder is “frozen.”
  • MAT Hamstring Massage and Mobilization
    In a study of one NFL team from 1998-2007, the appearence of hamstring pulls accounted for 85 injuries, second only to knee sprains, which came in first at 120 injuries.
  • MAT Treatments for Occipital Neuralgia Headaches
    The occipitoatlantal (O-A) joint is the uppermost weight-bearing synovial joint in the body and is the final connection for adapting to asymmetry or dysfunction from below.
  • Treating Thoracic Outlet Pain with MAT
    Humans are not well adjusted as beasts of burden. Heavy loads hung from the shoulders can really stress ribcage and spinal structures.