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Sponsored by BIOTONE, this resource center is designed to provide massage therapists with the latest news, information, articles and tools related to massage therapy creams.

BIOTONE is a leader in the massage industry and brings innovative products to massage therapists, estheticians and spa professionals. In addition to offering a large selection of professional massage and spa therapy products, BIOTONE’s cremes, lotions, gels and oils are also known for their high-quality formulas that enable professionals to be the best in their business.

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Benefits of Lemongrass in Massage Cream

When choosing a massage cream, consider one containing lemongrass, for benefits including muscle relaxation and stress relief.What is Lemongrass?Lemongrass is “a grassy perennial native to tropical and subtropical environments,” according to Once it is harvested, it is added to some Asian-inspired food dishes and certain medicines. You may also find it in personal hygiene...  Read More »

Soothing Facial Massage Creams

Looking and feeling good is important to most people, including your massage clients.Some clients may be interested in natural anti-aging care, which means that facial massages and specialized massage cream are a natural fit.Use these facial massage creams tips in your massage practice, and consider retailing creams for clients who fall in love with the...  Read More »

Menthol Creams for Pain

Massage itself offers pain relief, but creams that contain menthol are a treatment option to consider as well.With the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services reporting that more Americans suffer from some type of pain than with cancer, diabetes and heart disease put together, it only makes sense that you’re going to have a...  Read More »

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