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Sponsored by BIOTONE, this resource center is designed to provide massage therapists with the latest news, information, articles and tools related to massage therapy creams.

BIOTONE is a leader in the massage industry and brings innovative products to massage therapists, estheticians and spa professionals. In addition to offering a large selection of professional massage and spa therapy products, BIOTONE's cremes, lotions, gels and oils are also known for their high-quality formulas that enable professionals to be the best in their business.

Featured Articles

Do You Use Paraben-Free Massage Cream?

From texture and aroma to packaging and price, there are many variables that come into play when selecting a massage cream. One factor, which may or may not be on your current list of considerations, is whether the product contains parabens. Before you can decide whether a paraben-free massage cream is a must-have for you...  Read More »

Arnica Cream: What Does the Science Say?

If you’re looking for a massage cream to use in muscle and joint therapy, you will probably find a common ingredient among the variety of products: arnica, a plant native to Europe and North America. Used for medicinal purposes throughout history, modern science has been exploring the efficacy of creams with this ingredient. As is...  Read More »

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BIOTONE, MASSAGE Magazine and MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus Announce MT Dream Practice Giveaway

BIOTONE, MASSAGE Magazine and MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus announce the MT Dream Practice Giveaway. Open to enrolled massage therapy students and practicing massage therapists, the co-sponsored giveaway will provide one lucky winner with a prize package valued at $15,000 that includes $5,000 in cash. The winner will receive a selection of business tools, technology, coaching, massage equipment, accessories and products to help establish his or her highly successful massage therapy practice.

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