Researchers around the globe are investigating the benefits and mechanisms of massage therapy for both specific clientele and the general population. For more than two decades, MASSAGE Magazine has brought our readers the latest information about research studies conducted on massage therapy and related subjects.

Ayurvedic Management Offers Potential for Improving Quality of Life for Cerebral Palsy Patients
ayurvedicAyurvedic management was found to provide improvement in cerebral palsy patients’ mental status, fine and gross motor functions, and daily life activities. The study, “Exploratory Study on the Ayurvedic Therapeutic Management of Cerebral Palsy in Children at a Tertiary Care Hospital of Karnataka, India,” involved 123 cerebral palsy patients, aged 2 to 10 years old.
Massage Therapy Improves Endothelial Function
leg_massageSedentary participants exhibit improved endothelial function after receiving interventions incorporating massage therapy for exertion-induced muscle injury exercises. The study, “Massage Therapy Restores Peripheral Vascular Function Following Exertion,” involved 36 sedentary adults, ages 18 to 40.
Thai Exercise, Massage Ease Knee Osteoarthritis
Both Thai exercise combined with Thai massage and strengthening exercise combined with Swedish massage brought benefits to people with knee osteoarthritis, but the Thai program yielded more significant and longer-lasting results, according to recent research.