Researchers around the globe are investigating the benefits and mechanisms of massage therapy for both specific clientele and the general population. For more than two decades, MASSAGE Magazine has brought our readers the latest information about research studies conducted on massage therapy and related subjects.

Thai Exercise, Massage Ease Knee Osteoarthritis
Both Thai exercise combined with Thai massage and strengthening exercise combined with Swedish massage brought benefits to people with knee osteoarthritis, but the Thai program yielded more significant and longer-lasting results, according to recent research.

Reiki Provides Improvement in Common Cancer-Related Symptoms
reiki_healingTo complement the Research Reports in the August 2014 issue of MASSAGE Magazine. Summary: Reiki practitioners provided services to adults being treated at a cancer center, as well as adults being treated in other areas of the same university hospital. Both groups reported an improvement in their symptoms after receiving reiki, with the cancer-center participants…  Read More »