add $10 to a massage session

To complement the Buyers Guide spa treatment supplies category in the January 2016 issue of MASSAGE Magazine. Summary: Spa add-ons can increase the value of your massage sessions, enhance client satisfaction and boost your income.

Who couldn’t use $10 more per hour? Here are 10 easy ways to add $10 to a massage session, contributed by massage and spa industry experts. (Read the articles on these topics in their entirety by clicking on the title of each add-on.)


Laura Allen1. Foot Scrub

“When [the client] comes out of the session room talking about how great her feet feel,” wrote Laura Allen, a massage therapist and massage division director of Soothing Touch, “that’s your opportunity to suggest she buy the product to use at home.”


2. Aromatherapy

“Have a custom essential oil blend ready to use on the face, head, neck and base of skull during a trigger-point therapy session,” wrote Rose Heart, founder of Organic Infusions and a certified master aromatherapist and herbalist.


Pat Mayrhofer3. Stones

Pat Mayrhofer, president and founder of Nature’s Stones Inc., suggested trying hot and cold stones together for a refreshing, rejuvenating client experience.




4. Deep Tissue Massage Enhancer

Cary CasterSeveral essential oils complement deep muscle work, wrote Cary Caster, L.M.T., a certified clinical aromatherapist and founder of 21 Drops Essential Oil Therapy. Oils such as sweet marjoram, juniper and ginger can help reduce muscle inflammation, pain, bruising and spasms.



Diane Trieste, B.C.T.M.B.5. Ayurvedic Add-On

Offer ayurvedic massage oils designed to benefit clients’ conditions or dosha types—such as those containing patchouli, rosemary or sandalwood, wrote Diane Trieste, B.C.T.M.B., director of Shankara Ayurveda Spa.




Mandara Cromwell6. Sound Therapy

“Matching the frequencies of healthy resonance can provide stress relief,” wrote Mandara Cromwell, founder and board chair of the International Sound Therapy Association.


7. Paraffin Treatment

“Paraffin feels wonderful to people who suffer from arthritis in their hands, and those who have cracked, dry skin will love the way it leaves their skin feeling,” wrote Allen. She also noted it’s inexpensive to provide—less than $1 per treatment.


8. Extra Pain Relief

Offer to add a rub or cream with menthol. Author Christina DeBusk wrote about the potential benefits of menthol-containing creams.


9. Hot Towel Treat

“A towel cabi is a great investment,” wrote Allen. “The simple act of putting a warm towel over the client’s face at the end of a massage is a nice touch that will open up sinuses after the client has been lying prone.”


10. Hand Massage

Your clients who work at computers all day will especially appreciate this option. For additional pain and tension relief you can perform it with hot or cold stones, as Mayrhofer suggested.



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