Ever wonder how you can effectively make your business a greener one? According to Working.com, there are 10 things every business owner and employee can do in order to achieve that goal.

  • Reduce the amount of paper you use everyday.
  • Take advantage of renewable energy, such as solar, wind, and low-impact hydro sources.
  • Utilize fellow employees or public transportation by car pooling, taking the bus, or even walking or riding bikes to the office.
  • If your company allows it, stay at home and don’t commute at all. Use telecommunication to get your work done every day.
  • Encourage employees to bring in their own coffee cups or lunch utensils.
  • Use less Styrofoam, which has been shown to be both an environmental and health hazard.
  • Make sure to offer your employees an option for recycling.
  • Incorporate eco-friendly designs and appliances into your new or existing office.
  •  Buy carbon emission offsets for business flights.
  •   When you’re choosing partners in business do your research and pick those who incorporate green into their company as well. 

(Chiu, Working.com, 11/3)