Gini MaddocksPre-massage
1. Rinse your wrists with water.  Begin your day by running warm water over your wrists, spreading warmth along the dermatome pathways up your arms and across your chest. It’s wonderful on a cold day! Splash cold water across your wrists for a refreshing break from the previous massage. Allow any tension you may have picked up from your client to drain out your hands and down the drain.

2. Center your mind, affirming gratitude and an open channel.

During massage
3. Keep your knees slightly bent, distributing your weight evenly between them. Make certain not to hyperextend your knees, which is hard on your joints and connective tissue.

4. Disengage your jaw by placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth. This will help you keep your jaw parted rather than unconsciously clenched.

5. Breathe from your belly, avoiding the tendency to hold your breath when you find a problem area on a client.

6. Imagine yourself in a healing place, your vibration high. Intend to bring your client to that higher vibe.

After massage or between
7. Take a power nap between clients. 10-20 minutes can extend your energy.

8. Use java judiciously. It can increase the strength you use on those muscle-bound clients. But beware; you don’t want to be jittery!

9. Drink plenty of water. Drink 12 ounces of water between each massage.

10. Let tension go through you, not into you as you work.

11. Shake out your hands, gently flinging tension down your arm, through limp wrists and empty fingers.

12. Schedule your time with thought. Too many? Good flow? Enough time to regroup?

Gini MaddocksGini Maddocks, L.M.T., is a self-care expert and author of the award-winning book R&R: Rescue and Relief for Computer Users. For more information, visit, her blog at or via Twitter at HolisticMatters.