Pensacola, Florida. The Massage Therapy Alliance of America (MTAA, has announced the Inductees for the 2013 and 2014 Massage Therapy Hall Of Fame.


Lauren Berry; Taya Countryman; James Craft; Irene Diamond; Margaret Elke; C.G. Funk; Glen Hymel; Patrick Ingrassia; Kate Jordan; Nancy Kahalewai; Kathie King; Dora Kunz; Michele Merhib; Terry Norman; Boris Prilutsky; Robert Schleip; Al Shotz; Andrew Taylor Still; Elaine Stillerman; Randolph Stone; John Thie; Joel Tull; Ariana Vincent; and Kathryn Warner.


Gertrude Beard, R.N.; Mark Beck; Carolyn Carpenter; Bruno Chikly; Pat Donohue; Brenda Ignacio; Eeris Kallil; Karen Kowal; Steve Kreger; Janelle Lakman; Sidney Licht; Tom Liberto; James Mennell; Ilse Middendorf; Johan Georg Mezger; Ron Phelan; Michael Reed Gach, Ac. Ph.D.; Alex Spassoff; Marty Swager; Frances M. Tappan; Lisa Upledger; Brian Utting; Susan Walsh; and Beth Ellen Zang. The Lifetime Achievement Winner is Irene Smith.

The MTAA would like to invite you to come and honor these pioneers of our profession at the 9th Annual World Massage Festival (, July 21, 2014, at 8 p.m., at the Tuscany Suites and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mike Hinkle started the World Massage Festival in 2006 when the American Massage Therapy Association asked members to come up with some ideas to help bring attention to the general public for Massage Therapy Awareness Week. Hinkle studied the profession and realized we were not honoring our own. In 2011, Hinkle turned over the Hall Of Fame to MTAA.