2013 International Massage Therapy Conference Is Quickly Approaching, MASSAGE MagazineEvanston, IL. The Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) will be hosting the 2013 International Massage Therapy Research Conference at the Seaport Hotel in historic Boston, Massachusetts. The 2013 conference, scheduled April 25 to 27, will present research findings that address mechanisms and effectiveness of massage; emphasize the integration of community service programs and research opportunities; and invite attendees to provide input that will help to update the Massage Therapy Research Agenda.

This is the third research conference hosted by the MTF, bringing together massage and manual therapy practitioners, educators, CIM researchers, allied health professionals and others interested in massage research.

MTF President Ruth Werner says this historic meeting is too important to miss. “We will explore what we understand about the mechanisms of massage therapy, and for the first time we will examine the link between research and community outreach programs, firmly solidifying massage therapy as a branch of public health delivery systems. Further, all attendees can be involved in updating the Massage Therapy Research Agenda that forms part of the rubric for funding Massage Therapy Foundation research grants. I truly believe that massage therapists and other allied health care providers will be deeply enriched by what will happen this month in Boston.”

The conference will be featuring the following keynote speaker and topics:

  • Jeannette Ezzo, L.M.T., M.P.H., Ph.D.: Mechanisms and Beyond: What is Needed to Prove the Effectiveness of Massage? Ezzo and the follow-up panel will highlight research findings that help explain how massage therapy works through physiological, psychological and neurological mechanisms. 
  • Leslie Korn, Ph.D., M.P.H., N.C.B., L.M.H.C., R.P.E.: Somatic Empathy: Restoring Community Health with Massage. Korn and the follow-up panel will emphasize the potential for community outreach programs to provide research data through evaluation, and discuss program implementation strategies.
  • Janet R. Kahn, Ph.D., L.M.T.: Massage in 21st Century Healthcare: Let’s Seize the Moment. Kahn and the follow-up panel will explore the current status of massage research in preparation for updating and advancing the Massage Therapy Research Agenda.

Registration is open. To register, visit www.imtrc.org. One-day registrations are also available.

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