2013 Resource Book Offers Spas New Products, Brands and Ideas for Success, MASSAGE MagazineAbingdon, VA. Universal Companies has launched its 2013 Spa Resource Book, filled with a vast range of spa products and solutions and backed up by expertise and support. The annual catalog is one of the most comprehensive resources available to spas.

“We take our promise to be ‘The Ultimate Source for Spas’ seriously,” says Universal Companies Founder Marti Morenings. “So when our customers ask for must-have new products your clients will love, we listen. Our new Spa Resource Book is filled with over 6,000 items, including more than 1,800 new products.”

CEO Brenda Elliott adds, “Great ideas are everywhere, but not every supplier can bring them to life. We live and breathe spa and we’re all working together for one common goal: our customers’ success. That’s why, when we find a product we love, we know they will love it, too.”

In addition to the new products included in the 2013 edition of the Spa Resource Book, there are more than 30 new, in-demand brands and thousands of most loved favorite products. Category offerings include: Trial and Success Kits; Spa Boutique; Skin Care; Massage and Body; Manicure and Pedicure; Waxing; Implements and Supplies; Apparel and Linens; Furniture and Equipment; and Education. In an ongoing effort to consistently deliver fresh spa solutions, many products are exclusive to Universal Companies.

The catalog also offers solutions to simplify day-to-day business and help spas succeed. Whether you want to change up your service menu, streamline your ordering process or take on that new spa design project, Universal Companies can help, with Problem/Solution features, Treatment Menu Ideas and Spa Insider™ tips like this one:

“Using a chair or stool with a seat that is too high can lead to fatigue, restricted circulation, swelling, numbness and pain. To help maintain a healthy posture, adjust the height of your new chair or stool so your feet are flat on the floor. If this is not possible, a footrest can be used to support your feet.”

The 2013 Spa Resource Book includes information about custom spa development and design, customer testimonials, and tips, tactics and inspiration about the art of retail, as well. Here’s an example:

“Use your retail hot spots! Much of merchandising is about finding the perfect location for a product or brand. Place items you want to move quickly in prime selling spaces and ensure they have good lighting, creative props, and eye-catching signage.”

The new catalog is filled with information about online resources like videos, webinars, articles and treatment recipes, too. And be sure to look for the new “Spa Favorite” stars to find Universal Companies’ top selling items.

To receive a free copy of the catalog, call (800) 558-5571. Or you can shop the 2013 Spa Resource Book online now and find out how Universal Companies can be “Your One Source Spa Solution” by visiting www.universalcompanies.com.

About Universal Companies 

For 31 years, more than 30,000 spa professionals in 47 countries have trusted Universal Companies to be their single-source supplier, providing thousands of products to help them manage and grow their businesses. Located in beautiful and historic Abingdon, Virginia, we distribute furniture, fixtures, equipment, implements, supplies and spa apparel to customers from the largest spa to the independent practitioner. Universal Companies also offers professional skin and body products, retail items and merchandising tools, and provides spas with innovative consulting services, educational materials, and training options.