You need to try these self care apps

Apps exist to address virtually every aspect of self-care.

Apps can help you work out, meditate, track-fat grams and calories, train your brain, improve your attitude, get better sleep, and even send your latest health information to your physician.

This selection of apps, selected by MASSAGE Magazine’s editors, provides an overview of the types of apps available.

1. MyFitnessPal

This free app allows you to log your weight, workouts, food and fitness goals. It also functions as a social netowork: Connect with pals to challenge each other or share your healthy-lifestyle struggles, tips and inspiration. Premium features include nutrient tracking, exclusive articles and an ad-free interface. Compatible with Android and iOS devices.

MyFitnessPal Inc. •

2. Cody

No matter what your fitness interests are—yoga, strength training, weight loss, flexibility—Cody offers a workout plan or bundle that will fit your needs. Each plan contains a set of video-based workouts that you purchase once for lifetime access online via Mac or PC; or download the app on iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Cody Inc. •

3. Headspace

This app, designed to teach you how to meditate, is available in both free and premium versions. Free access includes the Take10 10-minute meditation program, while subscribers get access to Headspace’s full content collection on a variety of wellness topics. You can also connect with friends for motivation. Compatible with Android devices and iPhone.

Headspace Inc. •

4. Health

This all-in-one app is created to be a dashboard for all your health and fitness information. Track everything nutrition and calories burned to medications, allergies and cholesterol, all in the same place. Share data with other apps you use—or with your physician—and track your progress over time. Available for devices running iOS 8, including the Apple Watch.

Apple •

5. Charity Miles

This app is free—and it donates 10 cents to charity for every mile you bike and 25 cents per mile you run or walk. Contributions are funded by corporate sponsors and benefit causes such as the Wounded Warrior Project, Autism Speaks and Stand Up to Cancer. Compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Charity Miles •

6. Lumosity

With this free app you can give your brain a workout, helping improve your memory and problem-solving skills through short, fun games developed by neuroscientists. Access more than 40 games on the web or via any mobile device, and keep track of how your performance improves over time. Play online, or on Android or iOS devices.

Lumos Labs Inc. •

7. Gratitude Journal

This app is based on one principle: “Write down five things you’re grateful for each day and change your life forever.” Use it to journal those five things daily, add photos and share with friends on social media. The app will also send reminders so you can practice gratitude as a regular habit. Compatible with iOS devices.

Gratitude Labs LLC •

8. Sunrise Inspiration

Get inspired with this free app, which delivers a daily motivational quote paired with a beautiful image. It also includes inspirational videos and e-cards, plus a searchable quotes database so you can find and share the right words for the right moment. Available for iOS devices, including the Apple Watch.

Sourcebooks Inc. •

9. Agree to Be Reminded

Aloe Bud helps you take care of yourself every day, with nudges sent to you. Are you drinking enough water? Connecting with friends? Aloe Bud will help you with simple activities like these — and will encourage you to celebrate small victories.

Aloe Bud •

10. SleepBot

SleepBot is a free and simple sleep-tracking app. It keeps tabs on your movement at night, records snoring and other sounds, and has a customizable alarm to wake you up in the morning. Interactive graphs show your sleeping patterns over time. Compatible with Android and iOS devices.

SleepBot •

11. Meet Your Next Book

Goodreads is a one-stop digital stop that lets you organize books you’re reading, have read or want to read. It also provides news about the authors you follow, a social component to be inspired by your friends’ reading choices, and notifications when a book you’ve been waiting for is published.

Goodreads •

12. Google Fit

This app for Android devices allows you to track your activity, set exercise goals and receive personalized recommendations as you make progress. It is compatible with many third-party devices and apps, so you can review all your fitness information in one place.

Google Inc. •

13. Happify

According to Happify’s website, 86 percent of people who use this app frequently get happier—defined as positive emotions and increased life satisfaction—in two months. The app suggests simple, happiness-boosting activities and offers cheerful games and quizzes, with the goal of helping increase your ability to manage stress, banish negative thoughts and succeed at work. Compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Happify Inc. •

14. Organics Finder

Find natural, organic food in your neighborhood by following the compass—represented by a carrot—in this free app. You can also spin the carrot to find new places to shop. Get directions, read reviews and access stores’ contact information. (Information comes from Compatible with devices running iOS 7 or later.

Curtis Hensley •

15. About Herbs

This free app contains information on more than 200 herbs, supplements and complementary therapies, including their uses, side effects and possible drug interactions. Content can be accessed whether you have an Internet connection or not, and links can be emailed from the app when you need to share information with friends. Available as a web app or for iOS devices.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center •

16. Breathing Zone

Defuse stress and help decrease blood pressure by following the simple therapeutic breathing exercises in this app. Voice instructions and animations guide your pace; timed sessions from five minutes to one hour are available. Compatible with Android, iOS and Mac operating systems.

Breathing Zone •

17. Foam Roller Techniques

If you use foam rollers for self-care, this app can teach you more than 190 rolling routines developed by Ryan Emmons, D.C., creator of Roll Release® Techniques. The exercises are grouped by muscle and difficulty level, and include techniques for the neck, back, legs, hips, feet, shoulders, chest, hands and arms. Compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Solid Jade Inc. •

18. Fooducate

Take this app with you to the grocery store, scan in barcodes and find out how your favorite foods rate, in terms of healthiness. The app assigns each food a letter grade, from A to D, based on its ingredients, nutritional value, sweeteners, additives, preservatives and more. You can also receive healthy food recommendations based on what you have scanned, and track weight-loss progress. Compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Fooducate Ltd. •

19. Instant Blood Pressure

Take your blood pressure and heart rate in less than a minute without using a traditional cuff—all you need is your smartphone camera and this app. While its developers stress that it is not intended to be a medical device, it can be useful for taking a quick blood pressure measurement on the go, or before and after workouts. Compatible with iPhone 4s and above.

AuraLife •

20. TrailLink

If you enjoy exercising in the great outdoors, this app can point you to more than 30,000 miles of trails to use for your walking, hiking or running routine. You can browse the app’s database for free; registered, premium users can also download detailed trail maps that show things like parking lots, restrooms and water fountains. Compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy •

21. Sadie’s Ultimate Yoga

Get fit, fierce, and fabulous with world-renowned yogi, Sadie Nardini. This app pairs new-generation body knowledge with the ancient art of yoga. It offers you a way to build lean muscle all while diminishing bloat and access water weight. Not only is this app free to both Android and iPhone users, but it also offers easy-to-follower HD videos with tips on alignment, anatomy, and nutrition.

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