3 Steps to Start Your E-mail Marketing CampaignAre you ready to start connecting to your massage clients more regularly via e-mail? Here are three steps to start your e-mail marketing campaign.

Step 1. Even if you are not planning on starting an e-mail marketing campaign soon, start collecting your clients’ e-mail addresses today. I cannot stress this enough: Your clients’ e-mail addresses are extremely valuable to your business.

Step 2. Sign up for MailChimp, Constant Contact or similar service. Design a simple e-mail template for your messages and add your clients’ e-mail addresses into your mailing list.

Step 3. Create content for your first e-mail. Think of promotions, useful information about your office, details on massage techniques or articles from your most recent blog post.

That’s it; hit send and your e-mail marketing strategy is under way. Feel free to share a copy of your e-mail on your social networking pages.

Daniel Ruscigno is co-founder of PatientCal, business management software for the health care industry that includes online scheduling, e-mail reminders and automated client retention. For more information, visit www.PatientCal.com.