3 Tips for Responding to Your Yelp Reviews, MASSAGE MagazineThese days, word-of-mouth moves at the speed of light, reaching millions of people online in a matter of seconds through sites like Yelp and social media platforms. Not only can consumers share their experiences, but massage business owners have the opportunity to be a part of the conversation.

If you’re diligent in monitoring and responding diplomatically to your massage clients’ feedback, you will reap the benefits. Not only will you have the best insight into where you can improve your massage practice, but you’ll be viewed as a business that cares about its clients.

When presented with a new review about your business, take these three easy tips into account when responding:

1. Decide if the review warrants a response. Is the new review you received positive, constructive criticism or unjustifiably negative? If it’s the latter of the three, it might be best to leave it alone entirely. On Yelp, about 80 percent of reviews are three stars or higher, so more often than not your reviews will seem positive to neutral or constructive in tone. In these instances, reviews are worth responding to.

2. Choose the tool best suited for the job. In your business account on Yelp, you have two free messaging tools available to connect with clients who have written reviews about your business. You can send a private message, which is similar to sending a personal email and is visible only to the reviewer. You can also post a public comment, which is published beneath the review you’re responding to for all consumers to see.

3. Craft a response you are proud of. When it comes to responding to your reviews, remain professional, thank the reviewer for her feedback and share any updates that have been made to your business as a result of the reviewer’s feedback. When you use Yelp’s messaging tools properly, it may result in a review update. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to your happy clients by sending a quick message to thank them for writing a positive review.

Receiving customer feedback online is a valuable opportunity to make improvements to your business and build stronger relationships with your many happy clients. Don’t waste the chance to take control of your online reputation.

Morgan Remmers, MASSAGE MagazineMorgan Remmers is Yelp’s manager of local business outreach. Through informational sessions across the country, Remmers addresses how local business owners can best approach the ever-growing world of online reviews. Specifically, she consults with local business owners interested in gaining a better understanding of Yelp and utilizing the free tools available in Yelp’s Business Owners Account. She also hosts a series of webinars on subjects relevant to business owners and regularly contributes content to Yelp’s Blog for Business Owners.