Have you ever wanted to do something, felt the drive and ambition to do so, but your confidence was low and you talked yourself out of it because you didn’t want to look like a failure? Learn how to shift your mindset to overcome these obstacles.

Have you ever wanted to do something, felt the drive and ambition to do so, but your confidence was low and you talked yourself out of it because you didn’t want to look like a failure?

What if you had the tools, resources, skill sets and a growth mindset that would take you the distance?

Can you retrain your mindset from fixed to growth? Yes you can! You really can shift your mindset.

Shift Your Mindset

You have more conversations in your head during the day than you do with anyone else. Over 70,000 thoughts float through your mind each day.

Are you willing to make a decision to say yes? That’s the very first step.

Massage business coach Gael Wood, owner of Massage and Spa Success, shared her story with me. She wanted to write her first e-book and she was stuck. She didn’t know how to get started.

The how is typically what stops us.

Gael reached out to her coach to discover she had some old beliefs about her writing abilities that were created during high school and that were not serving her.

Her coach helped her recognize her limiting beliefs and helped her reframe her pattern, and she made a choice to believe in herself.

Gael has a growth mindset. She realized that getting hung up on details could be overwhelming and self defeating. She was determined but she knew she needed to surround herself with someone who could take her to the top. Be like Gael.

This article will help you understand and implement the four key aspects of developing a growth mindset: reframing, focusing, building your willpower and making a list of what you love. Let’s go!

1. Reframe

  • Be aware of what you are aware of by spending time just noticing what you think about for 10 minutes a day.
  • If you have a negative belief, discouraging thought, replace it with a positive one. Choose a mantra, perhaps like Om shanti or I am love. This will transform that thought into a more positive feeling and vibration.
  • Live in gratitude. Start your day with a grateful heart you are alive. Notice things throughout the day that you can be grateful for, perhaps a smile, a hug, a sunny day, a delicious meal, your shoes. End your day with gratitude as well. Living in gratitude creates more opportunities to be abundantly grateful. You begin to shift your focus from lack or as a friend of mine calls it scare city to abun-dance
  • Be consistent. If you think it doesn’t work, keep going. If you get discouraged, keep going. Patterns take time to be reframed.

2. Focus

Distractions are happening all day long, but you can get past them to shift your mindset.

  • Get out in nature. Take time daily, even five minutes to breathe outside. No excuses.
  • Focus on you by stretching, paying attention to your breath.
  • Notice something in nature, a tree, a flower a blade of grass and for a week keep noticing new things about it and appreciate it more for the insights you are receiving.
  • Draw a bulls eye and in the center put the one thing you want to focus on daily or weekly. In the outer circles write the things that distract you and take you off task. The more you are aware of your distractions you can make a choice to bring your focus back to what you can do to obtain that goal. You must be able to identify these maneuvers so you can deploy them, just like the military learn in boot camp.
  • Think of your mind as a muscle. Just like all muscles, it can build strength or atrophy. You can go one more rep to build muscle and you can tell your mind to go deeper.

3. Build your Will Power

  • Voluntary attention. Take 15 minutes to focus on one thing, then take a 2 minute break. Keep increasing the amounts so you ease into building your will power to maintain your focus.
  • Notice where your mind goes on break. Make a voluntary choice to focus on something calming, happy, what brings you peace.
  • Do the same thing with your nutrition. Bring in 1 healthier habit each week, then each day and keep going. Build your momentum. Build your will power.
  • Live in the power of now. The present moment is truly a gift. Choose to smile more.
  • Notice if someone else could use a smile. Notice the sounds in your environment: are they pleasing or would you like to make a choice perhaps to change the music?
  • The elders in different have taught me too. No worries, they say, be happy.
  • Don’t think about the future, it’s not here, enjoy today.
  • Forget about the past, it no longer exists, so live in the joy of the moment.
  • There is always something that we can choose to focus on that brings us joy.

4. Make a List of What You Love

  • Focus on the things you love. Write down 10 things you love.
  • Then think about 10 things you would love to do and write those down.
  • Write a love letter to yourself about all the awesome things about you. Dig deep and just go with it. Mail it to yourself and read it on a day you are having a challenge time.
  • Make a decision to do one thing you love each week, and keep increasing the time you spend doing that.

Honor All of It

My coaching client “Candy” had a fixed mindset and struggled for many years knowing there was more to life. She knew that she would have to completely surrender her fixed, rigid, limiting beliefs and open to trust and greater possibilities.

She was scared and often kicked like a toddler.

Through guidance and coaching the door for her to see and achieve dreams greater than she previously thought possible has flown open.

“I am a successful artist, healer and entrepreneur,” Candy said. As a result of shifting my mindset I am now pursuing a patent, planning for financial investment, and creating my own publishing company. I know this is only the beginning.”

Candy is eager to continue shifting her mindset and wants to continue to grow to see else she can achieve. Candy now has a growth mindset. Be like Candy.

Take Your Power Back

In everything we do, we should honor it all, including (especially) ourselves.

Everything you love and desire is already here and as you continue to open your awareness through consistent mindset shifts, you will see more opportunities.

Honor others who support and help you, and honor yourself. Yes it’s a privilege to recognize your accomplishments, every step you take—so give thanks each day, each week and all year long.

Remember, anything that annoys you is teaching you patience. Anyone who angers you teaches you about forgiveness and compassion.

Anything that has power over you teaches you how to take your power back.

Anything you can’t control shows you how to let go and trust a greater power.

The more you love your life, the more your thoughts will be loving. The more your thoughts are loving, the more you attract what you love.

Visualizing is not enough. You must embody the process and put yourself in motion to shift your mindset and create a new purpose and a life filled with success.

About the Author

Gloria Coppola has had a courageous journey in life, and her unstoppable nature has opened doorways of spiritual opportunity. She an author, healing arts educator, empath and naturopathic practitioner who has combined her knowledge as an intuitive mindset life coach. Gloria won a humanitarian award for starting a nonprofit to help massage colleagues after Hurricane Sandy. She was inducted into the Massage Hall of Fame in 2010. She also wrote “How Do You Move Up the Mountain of Life” for MASSAGE Magazine’s print issue.

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