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If you are anything like me, providing your clients spa services is a welcome change from doing massages day after day.

Spa treatments can give you a fun break in your routine, save your hands and bring in extra money—adding just two spa services to your practice each week at $75 apiece can add $7,800 per year to your pre-taxed income.

Spa services have great health benefits for skin, relaxation, pain management (when combined with heat and hydrotherapy), and can even help clients sleep better. They also feel amazing. So, why do spa services seem so difficult to book? We invest in the training and products, and then our spa services often end up being filler items on the service menu.

Communication and positioning of your spa services will affect how many you sell, so try these strategies:


1. Describe the wonderful products you use, the spa service and its benefits in detail.

For example, you might say: “Our lemongrass body scrub smells so fresh and amazing,” then offer them that product to smell, and continue. “We exfoliate your entire body with a relaxing, gentle salt massage, and finish with warm body butter. Your skin will just glow at your class reunion! How does that sound?”


2. Give a sample.

For a client new to spa treatments, being scrubbed or wrapped sounds like something you might do to a baked potato, not like a relaxing spa service. Offer a foot or back scrub and when your client oohs and aahs, you can let her know about your amazing full-body treatments.


3. Include massage with the spa service.

Nobody wants to give up his massage to try a service he may or may not like, so keep the massage part of it. You could offer a 30-minute scrub and massage; a 45-minute wrap with scalp and face massage plus a 45-minute full-body massage; or a foot scrub with reflexology and paraffin wax. This way, your clients get it all.


4. Create gift certificate packages that include spa services.

You will be able to introduce your spa services to clients who might not pick them for themselves. Try a variety of different packages to fit any budget.


5. Create seasonal or monthly specials that include spa services.

Promote them to your existing clients on social media, in your email newsletter, and anywhere else you can think of.


Have fun and get excited about your spa services—and your clients will, too.


About the Author

Gael Wood has more than 20 years of experience in the massage and spa industry. She now concentrates on training massage and spa therapists in business, spa services and greater success. Visit for a complimentary Massage and Spa Success Toolkit.