It’s the time of year when many people are suffering from extra-dry, unhealthy, itchy skin.

Heal your dry skin with these five tips:

1. Turn the water temperature down. Hot water dehydrates your skin, so bathing  in lukewarm water is mandatory for healthy skin

2. Ditch your deodorant soap. Deodorant soaps, like Dial, literally strip the dirt from your skin, but also strip the hydrating oils your skin needs. Use a creamy body wash or soap instead, one that includes hydrating oils or milks. 

3. Exfoliate. Get those dry scaly skin cells off your body so that your skin is ready for step 4.

4. Moisturize. It is crucial to put on lotion after each and every shower. It’s so important to seal in the moisture that your skin absorbed. By following this step alone, you can cut down dry-skin itching dramatically.
5. Soothe your dry hands and feet. Apply lotion after every hand washing. This is easy to do if you keep a bottle by the sink, on your desk at work or in your handbag.  Keep a tub of foot cream or hydrating cream on your nightstand so you can apply it right before bed.

Extra Tip: If you’ve got extremely dry skin and can handle sleeping with socks on, apply cream and then put on socks immediately. You’ll notice results after one night.

SOURCE: Beauty Examiner