These six new spa treatments can be found in resorts across North America.

  1. The Organic Oxygen Facial – This treatment involves organic oxygen enhanced Luzern skin products combined with a pure oxygen mist. As this mask is applied you relax while a warm orange blossom oil/lotion is drizzled over your entire upper body and followed by an invigorating massage as it is rubbed in. It’s offered at Peninsula Hotel Spa in Beverly Hills, CA.
  2. The Hot Shell Massage – At the Surf and Sand Hotel Aquaterra Spa in Laguna Beach, CA, this massage is quickly taking the place of the hot stone massage. With Tiger Clam shells heated to just the right temperature this treatment incorporates lavender oils and heat to totally relax you. The shells are placed on your chakras to release pent up energy and help soothe the muscles. The shells are also used in a specialized massage used to relax and revive.
  3. The Mediterranean Harmony Massage – Two therapists perform this treatment of a carefully choreographed massage which incorporates Chardonnay grape seed oil and a fig and cassis body butter. The entire experience lasts an entire hour and will have you simply speechless by the end of it. Available at the Spa Gaucin in Orange County, CA, it is as close to heaven as we can come on earth.
  4. The Magic of the Silk Route Body Therapy and Serenity Shower – This treatment is inspired by the ancient works of the Thai, Indian, and Chinese. Different oils are rubbed on various parts of the body including cinnamon gel for your hands and feet along with oriental oil for your scalp. A Vichy shower is then used to cleanse you before your massage and the entire treatment is concluded with a silk body wrap. A trip to the Serenity Shower, a $100,000 unit made by TAG, is optional and highly recommended. The place to receive this pampering is The Spa at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO.
  5. The “Pearfect” Body treatment – Much like its name implies this massage uses the essences of fruits such as pears, apples, and limes, to create a stimulating experience. An entire body masque is created out of these oils and engulfs the lucky recipient. An Organic Honeydew Moisturizer is used next to create skin as soft as that of a young child. The Spa at Rancho Bernardo offers this treatment.
  6. The Island Flowers Body Masque – In Maui at The Grand Wailea Resort & Spa Grande any patron can receive all the flowers he or she would like. The treatment starts with one hour of hydrotherapy in order to prime you for the invigorating masque. The masque consists of different types of flowers all implemented to serve a specific purpose. For example, Roses help to clarify the skin while Hibiscus petals help act as an emollient to soften the skin.

(Jill Daniel,, 8/27/2008)