From the MASSAGE Magazine article titled, “Marketing in Tough Economic Times,” by Jenn Sommermann, in the November 2008 issue. Article summary: These are difficult economic times. From food to fuel, prices are up. Money is tight, and people are pinching pennies wherever they can. That means clients are getting fewer massages—or does it?

Writing your own newsletter does not have to be hard or elaborate. Here are some tips for making the process easier:

1. Use simple language. Your clients don’t need to read fancy words or technical expressions. Use layman’s terms that they can understand and relate to.

2. Write the way you speak. Your clients are your clients because they like you. There is no need to write any differently than the way they have grown accustomed to.

3. Write from the heart. If you have something you genuinely wish to impart, write about it. Don’t fill the newsletter with things that don’t matter to you just to have extra words or make it look full.

4. Keep it short. The goal is to keep in touch with your clients and remind them to reschedule. There is no need for a newsletter that is more than a page. A longer newsletter won’t make them call you any faster.

5. Write about what you know. You do not have to necessarily write about massage, or even health care. If you have a topic or a simple message you know something about, use it. My summer BBQ pizza recipe is still being talked about, years later.

6. Be consistent. In order for any marketing efforts to be effective, they must be consistently administered. Whether you wish to send a quarterly or monthly newsletter, be on time. Your clients will look forward to the next edition. If you are inconsistent about your marketing efforts, you will send the message that your work is inconsistent as well.

—Jenn Sommermann