E X P E R T   A D V I C E   &   S t u d e n t   A d v i s o r
Tips for pregnant and obese students
What is Ayurveda? Is there a massage component, and if so, where can I learn about it?
My state has a statewide massage law, but a fellow massage therapist told me there are local requirements that I have to meet, too. Who should I check with to find out what the local regulations are?
I'd like to work with elderly clients. Is there a special type of massage I need to learn? How can I get a job at a nursing home?
What is craniosacral therapy? What kind of training would I need to start using it in a session?
Is it ok for me to sell products, like candles and oils, to my clients? What about things like herbs and vitamins?
What's the point of SOAP charting? Should I be doing this for all my clients?
I have a client who I think is developing an inappropriate attachment to me. She gave me an expensive Christmas gift, frequently leaves me voice messages and recently asked me to do something socially. How can I handle this?
What are the three most important things to do or know when networking with physicians?
I'd like to know more about bolsters. Are they just for certain types of clients, like pregnant women, or can they be used for anyone?
I'm a massage therapist interested in adding aromatherapy to my practice, but I'm not sure how to get started. How do I learn what scents to use, and how to handle essential oils safely?
How can I get a job on a cruise ship?