MONTREAL, Nov. 17 /CNW Telbec/ – Three major Quebec massage therapy associations unite to become a brand new association that will be of greater benefit to the population. This new association, Mon Réseau +, results from
the joining together of the Association of Massotherapists and Orthotherapists of Canada (AMOC), with the Corporation des Massothérapeutes Associés (CMA) and the Corporation des Massothérapeutes et Autres Praticiens Praticiennes en Approches Corporelles (CMAPPAC). Mon Réseau + has become the largest and most significant association of massage therapists and encompasses more than 5,000 therapists concerned with fulfilling the need for a professional body in Quebec that can provide an optimum structure for their expert practice.

Administrators and managers for Mon Réseau + unveiled their project during simultaneous press conferences given in Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrooke Drummondville and Trois-Rivières, and introduced the creation of this brand
new professional association specializing in massage therapy, orthotherapy, kinesiotherapy, naturotherapy as well as naturopathy. “Mon Réseau + is an association created first and foremost to fulfill the need for a professional order in Quebec to oversee these practices and ensure an optimum level of care for everyone, explained the communications Manager for Mon Réseau +, Mr. Martin Cinq-Mars. The fusion of our three associations also allows us to provide an array of services adapted to our therapists and to ensure increased supervision of our members’ practices thanks, in part, to the implementation of a reliable disciplinary structure.”


By seeking out the services of Mon Réseau + expert massage therapists, Quebeckers can rest assured that they are entrusting their wellbeing to trained professionals renowned for the quality of care they provide and supported by the structure of a professional association. In fact, this is one of the main reasons for creating our association, whose mission is to “inform, refer and protect the population by representing, supporting and promoting the
professional activities of our members, added Mr. Cinq-Mars, all thanks to the know-how of an experienced team and a committed network.” 

Mr. Martin Vallée, General Manager, took advantage of this opportunity to introduce the brand image for Mon Réseau +, which will help the population easily identify massage therapists members of this association. Mr Vallée
further explained that members of Mon Réseau + are specialists, which means that “members have received a minimum level of training and then pursued a specialization in kinesiology, orthotherapy or naturotherapy.”


Sharing his joy as well as his pride in taking part in this historic decision for the profession, the first President of the Board of Directors in the history of Mon Réseau +, Mr. Paul Lacroix, was intent on mentioning the volunteer involvement and the formidable work of all members of the Board in making this project a reality. “We worked very hard to create this novel approach, said Mr. Lacroix, to make it correspond to the expectations and needs of the population, our members and the massage therapy environment.” This is an amazing first in a field where most massage therapy associations prefer to go it alone. This trend produced a multitude of approaches and many
different philosophies, which affected the uniformity and standardization of massage therapy practices.

To entrust your wellness to members of Mon Réseau + is to choose the best trained and most expert massage therapists surrounded by the best structure and equipped with the best tools, it is to enjoy the most trusted and safe care available.