To complement the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Your Healthy Body: Nutrition and Exercise to Fuel Your Life,” by Vincent Cambrea, in the July 2013 issue. Article summary: To help keep readers in top shape for a long, successful career, the author offers tips, in the areas of nutrition and exercise, that will help knock off excess pounds of fat, get moving, ramp up stamina, increase work quality and career duration, and make life more enjoyable.

A Method for Peak Performance, MASSAGE MagazinePoliquin BioSignature Modulation is a system for identifying biochemical, metabolic, hormonal and nutritional imbalances in the body and correcting them with an individualized, finely tuned, turnkey program of supplements, nutrition, hydration, lifestyle and fitness training. The net result is a healthy client with a lean body primed for athletic performance.

The initial program usually is 12 weeks, with close monitoring and rapid adjustments in training and supplementation.

Poliquin BioSignature Modulation was developed by Canadian strength coach Charles Poliquin, noted for his success with Olympic and professional athletes.

As a strength coach, Poliquin had ready access to lab reports and body-composition measurements of his clients. He noticed a consistent correlation between lab values and fat distribution on 12 specific sites on the body. With years of data and working with high-level athletes, he discovered by measuring and evaluating those 12 sites, he could accurately assess imbalances and problems, the solutions for which might be accelerated with nutrition and supplementation.

“The advancements in exercise endocrinology may give personal trainers new tools for combating site-specific fat storage,” Poliquin wrote. In other words, spot reduction is no longer mythical.

Poliquin BioSignature Modulation practitioners ask for lab reports and measure their clients with skinfold calipers on the 12 anatomical sites. Each site’s measurement is evaluated and compared to create a physiological report card. Excess body fat reveals not only itself, but also its cause. Each of the 12 sites is the clue. For example, if the shoulder blades or hips are storing fat, the culprit is insulin control, a genetic factor. If the suprailiac skinfold is fat, it reflects dietary intake. This search for evidence, followed by intervention and re-evaluation, has been dubbed forensic nutrition.

Once an imbalance—an impediment to optimal health and fitness—has been revealed, the problem is addressed aggressively in a protocol for correction that requires serious commitment from the client.

Poliquin, currently headquartered in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, has now trained an international team of Poliquin BioSignature Modulation practitioners who are required not only to certify under his tutelage, but also to recertify periodically to keep their skills sharp and remain updated on research as the work evolves. These practitioners have carried the work of Poliquin from the arenas of the elite into mainstream fitness. Poliquin BioSignature Modulation practitioners are listed with contact information on, in the trainer directory.

Chris White is the strength-and-conditioning coach for Integrated Massage and Personal Training at the Cambrea Institute (, and co-owner of Go Primal Fitness and Training Institute in Gainesville, Florida. In March 2013, he presented at the National Strength and Conditioning Association personal-trainer national conference. He is a Poliquin BioSignature Modulation practitioner.