When it comes to marketing and advertising, bodywork professionals are often looking for the easy and free methods first. Typically there has been one dominant source for free online classified ads and many less popular ones.

While the dominant source is well known, it has grown a negative perception to many because of its various arrange of categories available and lack image uploading capability. And the smaller sites have lacked the traffic to garner the needed exposure.

BodyWorkAds.com has filled the need of a free classifieds site specific to bodywork, i.e. Massage, Chiropractic, Nails, Hair, Energy Work, and Skin Care. With free registration, professionals can place ads with uploaded images in their city’s category.

Internet marketing is a primary component to any good advertising campaign. The key to internet marketing is key-word placement and content focus. BodyWorkAds.com is finding success because it is filled with bodywork related content and keywords. So when an ad is placed on BodyWorkAds.com, it is found on popular search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Three things separate BodyWorkAds.com from other classified websites:
1.) Uploadable images directly to the ad
2.) Viewable profiles of each advertiser for even further detailed exposure
3.) Target specific approach of focusing only on bodywork

As of this release, BodyWorkAds.com has accepted ads for Florida only. Targeted expansion includes additional states, one at a time to ensure proper and managed growth.