Posture Pictures: Posture Assessment, Screening & Forms, MASSAGE MagazineWe’re all susceptible to the effects of aging. Why? Because our body spends its entire life fighting the force of gravity, which over a lifetime naturally results in bone and joint breakdown and degeneration.

What if we can slow and even reverse this natural process? That’s the promise of posture therapies, and according to experts, the first step is really looking at our body with a posture picture.

Posture Pictures: Posture Assessment, Screening & Forms, by posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger, validates benchmarking the appearance of someone’s posture with a simple photo and then analyzing balance, alignment and motion as crucial first steps to improving and strengthening posture. This book provides effective, inexpensive methods of taking and analyzing pictures, communicating postural bio-mechanics and practice strategies for posture-focused doctors, therapists, trainers and instructors.

  • Why posture assessment is a simple but powerful tool.
  • Steps to analyze images–front, back and side views.
  • Common postural adaptations and muscle patterns.
  • Creating and promoting public awareness.

Bonus for professionals

  • Posture assessment forms, posture screening questionnaire
  • Educational event flyers (customizable)

Posture Pictures: Posture Assessment, Screening & Forms provides real-world tools to promote the importance of posture, and is a resource for clinicians, educators and fitness/wellness professionals concerned with the structure of the human body.


Dr. Steven Weiniger speaks internationally on posture and anti-aging, and has trained thousands of doctors and therapists. Author of Stand Taller ~ Live Longer and delegate to the White House Conference on Aging, he helped direct national policy and research in the field of aging well. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Weiniger serves as managing partner of