September ’09 launch of eyeSlices Professional for beauty salons and spas

August 13, 2009 (Press Dispensary) Beauty and health care specialist Pinnacle Body Care announces a major UK product launch for September 09–the introduction of eyeSlices Professional to the beauty salon and spa industry. Developed in South Africa specifically for professional use, and already highly successful in the US, Middle East and parts of Europe, eyeSlices Professional offers health and beauty experts an entirely new and therapeutic way of treating the eyes.

“It’s the traditional therapy of cucumbers on the eyes, brought into the twenty-first century; a fusion of Mother Nature and advanced technology,” says Pinnacle Body Care managing director, Steven Harper.

He continues: “The innovation in eyeSlices is to combine active natural ingredients with a patented polymer cryogel. The result is naturally cooling, translucent, re-useable eye pads which slowly release a soothing, healing balm to treat a wide range of eye irritations while stimulating circulation and removing puffiness, dark circles, tiredness, redness and signs of aging.”

The natural ingredients range from Aloe Ferox to Pentavitin, released by a technologically advanced dermal gel pad that provides an instant cooling sensation without refrigeration.

Harper continues: “As soon as you place the eyeSlices pads on your eyes, you feel cooling, soothing sensations. And after just a few minutes the improvements to your eyes are really tangible.”

The product was developed in South Africa by Kerryne Krause-Neufeldt, in a seven year development programme that started with the ingredients and went on to creating the perfect pads. In her native country, and then in the US, the product has taken the professional beauty industry by storm, winning many awards in the aesthetics, technology, science and business sectors.

“We wanted to create something that really worked,” explains Krause-Neufeldt, “and eyeSlices deliver real results within five minutes of use.”

In the UK, eyeSlices Professional is to be sold only to beauty salons and spas.

“The eyeSlices treatment can be combined with facials, manicures, pedicures, massage and reflexology as a wonderfully relaxing enhancement to the salon and spa experience,” says Steven Harper. “And take-home packs at very attractive margins can give salons and spas an appreciable continuing income. Based on the experience of other countries, we are confident that salons and spas will view eyeSlices Professional with relish.”

EyeSlices Professional will be launched on stand F86 at Olympia Beauty, September 20-21, 2009. For EyeSlices Professional show enquiries please call Steven Harper on 0845 094 4701, e-mail or visit

eyeSlices® can be obtained exclusively through Pinnacle Body Care.