After nine months as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot in Iraq Michael Lundergan returned home to Madison, Indiana, the Madison Courier reports. Before Lundergan was deployed for the first time in 21 years under the National Guard, he had a Chiropractic practice he had to leave in the hands of a temporary replacement.
Lundergan was lucky in every sense of the world while he was in Iraq. No one, not a single person was injured or killed in Lundergan’s company he flew with. One would think that by the time he was on Madison soil he would be clear of any bodily injuries, this was not however the case. While playing football at one of his homecoming parties he ruptured his knee which was in need of immediate care and emergency surgery.
He will start physical therapy this Monday, the 14th, and his practice will have to wait for him once more. His knee is expected to heal fully in the next six to 12 months.
(The Madison Courier, 07/08/08)