LOS ANGELES, CA, August 01, 2008 – The American Business Alliance (ABA) announces the introduction of the Zeta Ball and Zeta Disc.

Small, lightweight and hand-held, these “clay like” devices are designed to provide the user with a natural method of improving localized discomfort.

This product uses the clinically tested ingredient Hunamex and is a natural hyper emitter of 8-25 micron wavelength energy and negative ions. The Zeta Ball and Zeta Disc are significantly different from any conventional pain relief product on the market today. They are non-invasive and fast acting.

The Zeta Ball and Zeta Disc work by collecting and channeling energy from the physical environment to the body (and vice-versa). This is made possible by incorporating a unique raw material that converts ordinary heat and friction into far-infrared. This far infrared then triggers the release of millions of independent electrons. As these electrons pass through a special built in resin, they become charged with energy from the environment. The electrons are channeled, at an unbelievably fast rate, through the center of the Zeta products as if it were a gas, rather than a solid. It actually becomes a natural source of far infrared energy and a “Cloud of Electrons.” They represent a phenomenon and the net result of the materials construction is the permanent and ongoing transmission of a proven healing energy without the use of electricity.

“A demonstration of the energy exchange of the Zeta Ball or Disc can be seen with their reaction with ice. By placing a chip of ice on either item, the ice melts incredibly fast without the appearance of heat.”

The company plans to first put the Zeta Ball and Zeta Disc to some market tests before a full-blown launch sometime later this year. ABA’s initial target markets will include health care professionals and their patients. After that, there is a planned expansion into the consumer markets. The long-term goal is to obtain FDA clearance for the treatment of chronic pain or discomfort, swelling, reduction of bruises, poor circulation and detoxification.

ABA’s research and development team has put more than 5 years into the making of these products. The new product is likely to carry a price tag of around US $60.00.

See http://www.zetaball.com for more details or call 626 676-8961