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New York, NY (PRWEB) September 30, 2008 —, a leading international internet resource for news, information, and product information about the increasingly popular [acai berry] fruit says that for the 3rd Quarter of 2008 the pure freeze dried organic acai supplement called Perfect Acai was their #1 product.

These results make [Perfect Acai] the company’s top selling product for the 4th month running.

The acai berry fruit, which only grows in Brazil, has become increasingly popular among health conscious consumers over the past year because of the berry’s powerful nutritional properties including its’ high levels of antioxidants. The acai fruit reportedly contains the highest levels of antioxidants of any food including blueberries.

The product [Perfect Acai] is a capsule that contains pure organic freeze dried acai berry powder. It is manufactured with no filler added to the capsule and no carrying used in the process which makes this product unique. has customers all over the world that purchase Perfect Acai through the company website.

According to Charles Sanderson, Public Relations Director for the company "The product ‘Perfect Acai’ product is #1 with our customers because it is one of the few 100% pure freeze dried acai berry supplement products on the market and because it is priced extremely well. It’s hard to find 100% pure organic acai." Sanderson adds, the Perfect Acai product fits the company’s essential criteria for selecting a quality acai product which includes potency, purity, and price.

Sanderson also noted that most research showing the nutritional value of [acaiberry] has been done on freeze dried acai and the Perfect Acai product contains only freeze dried acai. The website contains the company’s product selection criteria. The company will only offer products that contain pure organic acai. They avoid products that are made with so-called acai extracts or spray dried acai. And they avoid most acai juices because most of them are juice blends with unknown quantities of acai contained in the products. They also avoid products that do not disclose the exact ingredients contained in the products. Sanderson adds "We get customers from all over the world because our customers know we only allow the highest quality, pure organic acai products on our website."

Acai berry is a fruit that grows only in the Brazilian rainforest. It is packed with antioxidants, healthy omega fats, amino acids and fiber. The product Perfect Acai uses only 100% Fair Trade Acai, which means that the people in Brazil that harvest the acai berries can make a living wage. The organic acai used in Perfect Acai is freeze dried within 24 hours of being picked from the palm trees in Brazil which is critical to preserving the nutritional potency of the berry since it is a highly perishable fruit that begins losing its nutritional potency and antioxidant value after 24 hours from harvested. The freeze drying process locks in the nutritional properties of the fruit.

There is a section on the website that explains why freeze dried [acai berries] are considered to be the best form of acai. PR Director Charles Sanderson says that "Freeze dried acai and specifically the Perfect Acai supplement is as close as possible that most people will get to eating fresh acai berry fruit in the rainforests of Brazil."

The pricing on Perfect Acai also makes it one of the best values among the few suppliers of pure organic acai products. When buying three (3) bottles of Perfect Acai customers save $10 per bottle. If buying four (4) bottles the shipping is free within the US. Since the Perfect Acai contains 120 capsules with 500 mg of acai berry while most comparable competitors sell 60 capsules for about the same price that further enhances the value of the Perfect Acai product.

Perfect Acai and other top quality pure acai products are available on the website [].

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