New York, NY (PRWEB) January 6, 2009 — Strong consumer demand for organic freeze-dried acai berry products over the past number of weeks has led to some temporary product shortages and some delayed shipments to customers. According to a spokesman for, the international marketer of high quality organic acai berry products, the product Perfect Acai ( is the top choice by its customers and continues to lead in sales. They say that increased demand for this product has led to periodic shipment delays of about seven days for many customer orders over the past month but those delays are almost over and normal shipping schedules have mostly resumed.

Company spokesman Charles Sanderson, the public relations director for AcaiBerry-Products says, “Demand is the strongest we have seen and this has led to some shortages and slower shipments.” The problem has revolved around the production and shipment of bulk orders of freeze-dried organic acai berry ( from suppliers to manufacturers which in turn has led to some delayed shipments to customers, but those delays have been mostly eliminated.

Sanderson adds that the overall demand for all acai berry ( products carried on the company website is the strongest that the company has seen to date, adding “consumers are learning that to reap the benefits of this nutritionally potent berry it is important to get the purest, highest quality product available.” He adds that determining the highest quality acai berry product starts with reading the label.

Consumers should look for acai products that contain organic freeze-dried acai powder and not much else such as the Perfect Acai ( product, says Sanderson. He says that if acai is not listed as the first ingredient on the label then that means there is more of something other than acai in the product. Sanderson says that in the case of the product Perfect Acai, the capsules contain no additional ingredients other than 100% freeze-dried organic acaiberry ( with no fillers or carrying agents used in the production of the capsules. He adds “Perfect Acai is an extraordinary value. A bottle of Perfect Acai contains 120 capsules and each capsule has 500mg of pure freeze dried organic acai berry.” He adds that typically competitors offer 30 to 60 capsules in a bottle, regardless of quality, often for the same price or sometimes at a higher price. Sanderson adds that Perfect Acai uses only certified organic Sambazon acai in its product. Sambazon is a leading supplier of high quality organic freeze-dried acai.

Public Relations Director Sanderson says acai berry is an extraordinary fruit from the Amazon rainforest but many available products fall far short of their nutritional potential. The internet is currently flooded with advertisements for many so-called acai berry products but many of them contain only small amounts of acai. Many of these advertisements also misrepresent the benefits of acai berry to inappropriately include weight loss as a benefit. But there is no current research indicating that acai berry is effective as a weight loss product.

The company advises that consumers should purchase only high quality organic acai berry and should always look at the labels to see how much acai is contained in the product and to see which company has supplied the acai that is used in the final product.

According to Mr. Sanderson the internet is also flooded with advertisements promoting free acai berry ( offers. Sanderson encourages consumers to avoid these offers because many of the websites making free offers place people on programs that automatically ship products to consumers monthly, even though the consumers don’t specifically request additional shipments. The company has provided additional information about the problems associated with many of these free acai berry offers on its blog which is part of the company website. There is a blog post titled ‘The Truth About Free Acai Berry Offers’ which contains details about many of the problematic aspects of the so-called free offers. Sanderson says that consumers should always be careful when something looks too good to be true, such as getting free products, because there is usually a catch. And sometimes that catch is hard to see, unless consumers read the fine print or the terms and conditions.