Acupressure is one of several complementary therapies found, in a research review, to reduce cancer-related fatigue.

Fatigue is a common and distressing symptom that is a concern for cancer patients, as well as their families and health professionals, according to a report published on, and can stem from the cancer itself, or treatments and their side effects.

“Cancer-related fatigue is a multidimensional phenomenon that is self-perceived and includes physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral components,” the report noted. “It can be unrelenting, disrupts daily life, fosters helplessness and may culminate in despair.”

Other interventions and complementary therapies the review found assist with fatigue include acupuncture, stress management and relaxation, energy conservation measures, anticipatory guidance and preparatory information, and attention-restoring activities.

The article is published in the British Journal of Community Nursing.

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