Attendees of a high-profile cardiology conference will learn that both yoga and acupressure may be considered viable treatment options for heart patients.

The European Society of Cardiology‘s EuroHeart Care Congress, which takes place in Glasgow, Scotland, March 22 to 23, will feature two research abstracts that show the potential for yoga and acupressure to reduce blood pressure and heart rates in patients with artrial fibrillation, according to a press release from the European Society of Cardiology.

“One of the overall aims of treatment for AF is lowering heart rate because high and irregular heart rates can lead to emboli forming and result in stroke,” said Professor Ozlem Ceyhan, a nurse trainer from Erciyes University, in Kayseri, Turkey.

“In these studies both acupressure and yoga are reducing heart rate, which should have a really beneficial effect,” Ceyhan added. “Furthermore, both approaches have the advantage of being easy to administer and cost effective, with no serious side effects.”

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