pregnant-woman-on-universal-gift-registrySoon after your client discovers she is pregnant, she may head to the nearest department store or online universal gift registry to compile a wish list of items for her offspring. While that list will likely be comprised of products for baby, a new trend has emerged in recent years—showering attention on the mom-to-be.

In addition to much-needed baby items, some pregnant women are registering for doula and cleaning services, childcare help and home safety products. But what gift can offer stress relief and luxurious pampering better than a massage?

Harness the Market

The growing awareness of the value of massage for pregnant women can open the door to new business and increased revenue for you. Some massage practices offer in-office gift certificates for massage, but in these days of e-commerce, why not suggest your clients add your practice to their gift registry?

Exposure is Key

Presence on a universal registry can not only increase your branding capabilities and visibility, but also provide a new marketing opportunity and help you reach a broader customer base. Granted, clients and their friends and family can book appointments and purchase gift cards through your website, but when your practice appears on a universal registry, you enjoy greater exposure.

In 2005, Nancy Lee launched, which centralizes an expectant mom’s wish list in one convenient place. All the items she requests, regardless of vendor, contain a link to the business’s website.

Make a Difference

Natalie Gordon, founder and CEO of BabyList, noted that some users put prenatal and postnatal massages on their baby registries. 

“I think it’s very beneficial for the mom-to-be to include massage therapy to their baby registries. Postnatal massage can really make a physical and emotional difference in one of the most intense times in your life,” she said. “I see women registering for things that will make life easier once they have their baby. When you’re pregnant, one of the most common—and most annoying‑things people say is, ‘Better get sleep now while you still can.’ You might not be able to bank sleep, but you can ask for things that are going to make a difference once the baby is here.”

BabyList does not provide a button to outside vendors. However, Gordon said, “Many stores and services include a note on their website that says, ‘Add our services to your BabyList baby registry.’”

Sara Lyon from Glow Massage and Birth Support in Oakland, California, explained that her clients made her aware of Amazon’s registry a few years ago.

“The Amazon client is registering products, services or businesses from the Internet, according to their interest,” she said. “The business does not have to be formally associated with Amazon beforehand.”

Lyon added that Glow Massage has sold a sizeable number of certificates through Amazon. She said, “It’s a boon to be associated with such a large marketplace, and I do know that clients use it regularly to receive our services as gifts.”

A universal gift registry is an ideal, no-cost way to gain exposure for your practice. Make sure to mention the option to your clients and watch your customer base—and your bank account—grow.

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