As you build, maintain and continually work to improve your practice as a professional massage therapist or bodyworker, chances are you may begin to notice the power of details in creating the best possible client experience, enhancing the sense of value of each session and creating positive word of mouth about your business. There is no doubt that your own hands-on skills, experience and knowledge should always serve as the centerpiece to your practice, but pinning down the details can be a great way to enhance the work you do on a daily basis.

These details vary from practice to practice, but a few common ones might include your massage table, the linens you use, the music that plays during sessions, the lighting or candles in the room, and any aromas that might be part of your work. Another detail to pay close attention to is your massage cream—be sure to select a product that enhances the sense of value clients feel when they walk away from the table.

One great way to do this is to choose a cream that has been developed to not only assist you in the application of your chosen techniques, but also to deliver specific benefits to the client. A popular example might be a product that offers noticeable hydration to your clients’ skin. Dry skin affects a lot of people, whether due to the wind and cold during the winter or the sun and air conditioning during the hot summer months, so a highly moisturizing cream can serve as an added benefit to the massage.

It is always important to find a high-quality lubricant that really does deliver on its promise to moisturize the skin—you don’t want to advertise an added benefit that you cannot deliver on. Usually, finding such a product depends on taking a good look at the ingredient list, and you may also wish to try a few free samples or smaller containers of the product to test it out before purchasing a large amount.

As for which ingredients one might find in a moisturizing massage cream, be on the lookout for

  • shea butter,
  • jojoba oil,
  • avocado oil,
  • peach oil
  • and sunflower oil.

Such components, among others, can deliver a rich sense of hydration that may help make a lasting positive impression on your clients.