While continuing to offer the same great web site services including professional, custom web design, search engine optimization, and copywriting, Mount Evans Designs is excited to offer the following additional services to aid in attracting new customers for its clients:

· Flash Design: great for enhancing a web site or for a presentation/demo

· Web Hosting: with statistics software, email availability, custom error pages, and more

· Professional Logo Design: identifiable, adaptable, cost-effective, and recognizable logo designs

· Print Design: professional print designers with the ability to print projects.

These are some of the specialties Mount Evans Web Designs offers:

o Business cards
o Brochures
o Postcards
o Posters
o Magazines / Catalogs
o File Instructions

· Web Maintenance: both immediate help in fixing broken web sites and long term web maintenance

· Expanded Professional Search Engine Optimization: armed with an in-depth analysis of each client’s existing presence, Mount Evans Designs put together a plan that has been proven to get results in the top search engines

· Web Development: with expertise in programming, marketing, and technology, Mount Evans Designs assists companies in managing business online as well as producing real results in sales

o Ecommerce
o Programming

Each of these services is available “a la carte” or as needed for any project.

Take a look at some of the custom web designs that have been created and then call Mount Evans Designs or send an email. The team is ready to help design and market professional web sites.

About the company. Mount Evans Designs was founded in January 2000 in a quest to fill a prominent hole in the area of Custom Web design. Most other designers do a wonderful job of creating a site within itself. However, not much consideration is given to what happens after the site is posted on the Internet. Mount Evans Designs is concerned with helping customers be successful even after a site is live. With a custom web design, clients will be given access to make changes to a site whenever it is needed but there may be times when a little extra help is needed. Mount Evans Designs is there to help.

The vision for a custom web design company has come to life with Mount Evans Designs. Mount Evans Designs will assist in creating a professional, custom web site that not only looks wonderful but also has a solid sales and marketing foundation, is search engine friendly, and promotes consumer confidence.

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