10.17.14_Erik Dalton new bookRevised bestseller offers fast, effective approaches to head, neck and rib pain.

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Freedom From Pain Institute has announced the release of the third edition of Erik Dalton’s classic Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques. Revised and graphically enhanced, the new 408-page hardcover has been streamlined for “in-the-trench” seasoned professionals who treat complex head, neck and thorax issues.

Each section of the book addresses muscle imbalances and spinal biomechanics, along with soft-tissue treatments for common spine, rib cage and neurological issues. The text teaches simple assessment strategies to help therapists quickly identify and correct movement restrictions that may perpetuate pain and protective muscle spasm.

The book is set up so busy therapists can quickly refer to specific techniques between clients. With enhanced reader design and richer graphics, visual learners will appreciate the hundreds of anatomical illustrations and technique demonstrations that accompany the text. This edition also includes contributions from respected manual therapists such as Michael Koplen, Whitney Lowe, Til Luchau, Aaron Mattes, Thomas Myers, Ross Pope and James Waslaski. Early reviews commend the new book as an essential addition to every manual therapist’s library.

“Erik Dalton’s Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques 3rd edition will revolutionize your approach to treating complex pain and injury conditions,” Waslaski, an international author and educator, said. “The user-friendly text successfully blends a variety of practice-building hands-on routines that enhance any sports medicine, structural integration or medical massage practice. This distinguished author’s work is the perfect complement to the integrated orthopedic massage seminars I teach worldwide and I’m honored to have contributed to this 3rd edition.”

The Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques book is now available as a part of the best selling 22CE Upper Body Home-Study Course.

As a special bonus, mention MASSAGE Magazine when you place your order, and Erik will personally sign your book. You can also sign up for the Dalton E-Technique Newsletter to receive 10 percent off.

For more information, visit www.erikdalton.com, or contact the Freedom From Pain Institute at (800) 709-5054.