Twelve medical practices and medspas in the height of the recession doubled their sales working with Acara, an aesthetic medical practice consulting firm with expertise implementing marketing sales and business strategies

Branford, CT (PRWEB) March 24, 2010 – In 2008, Acara launched its Business Boosting Program for aesthetic medical practices and medspas seeking to increase sales and profits. Since the program’s inception, 12 of Acara’s clients have succeeded in doubling sales. (This is 80 percent of the practices and medspas that implemented this program.)

Why does its clients have such a high rate of success? According to Francis X. Acunzo, Acara’s CEO, “Acara’s secret to our client’s success is their ability to learn from our team’s extensive experience and knowledge. We have a very solid foundation to work from having opened the first medical spas in the country and owned and operated over 75 locations. In addition, the team has utilized the Acara Methodology to analyze, plan and implement marketing, sales and business strategies at over 100 aesthetic practices and medspas nationwide.”

“Our client’s success occurs when there is a collaborative effort between the practice and Acara team. The reason why our clients have experienced such great results is that they have been willing to absorb our pearls of wisdom and financially commit to a solid marketing program,” states Debra Roberts, Acara’s VP Marketing.

Client testimonials

“Acara’s work helped catapult us to become one of the most successful medical spas in Eastern Pennsylvania; keeping us on-trend with cutting edge technology bringing our clients the most effective treatments and procedures available,” states Paula Young, R.N., co-owner of Young Medical Spa.

“In just 8 months Enhanced Image’s sales doubled working with Acara,” states Dr. Bruce Marko, medical director of Enhanced Images, located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Acara was instrumental in helping us shape the foundation of our medical spa business. Their expertise in employee relations, sales, and MedSpa financial forecasting, has helped Amari see rapid growth,” S.J. Shah, chief operating officer, Amari MedSpa.

The Acara Methodology

  • Analyze the business: marketing, sales, organization and financial review.
  • Assess the market: target audience, demographics and competition.
  • Forecast sales: three years by procedure.
  • Develop a high-impact action plan: action items that will impact sales within three to six months.
  • Implement the action plan: utilize Acara’s online Project Management Software to insure accountability.
  • Track results: monitor and assess the impact of the marketing tactics.
  • Repeat what works: celebrate your successes and continue the program.

Levers we often push

  • Install Acara’s sales system: identify a dedicated sales consultant and train the team.
  • Establish a comprehensive marketing program: consistently implement tactics identified in a marketing and promotions plan.
  • Launch an aggressive online marketing campaign: e-broadcast, SEO website, SEO press releases, online listings, and social media (Facebook and Twitter).
  • Hold educational seminars: monthly seminars for potential clients/patients.
  • Leverage the unique selling position: communicate to the audience all competitive advantages and points of differentiation.
  • Implement new medical technology: add the latest aesthetic procedures and treatments.

Upcoming Webinar

In April, viewers will be able to learn firsthand from Acara’s CEO and Founder Francis X. Acunzo how Acara’s clients have achieved their success as he presents a complimentary Webinar for the Medical Spa Society: “Business Boosting Strategies for Your Aesthetic Practice or MedSpa.” This webinar will be held April 6 at 1 p.m. (EST)/10 a.m. (PT).

About Acara

Acara, led by industry expert, noted speaker and aesthetic business blogger Francis X. Acunzo, is a leading business team in the world of aesthetic practices, spas, medspas and wellness Centers. Acara works with spa owners, physicians, hospitals, hotels, health clubs, and investors to build successful businesses. Acara’s approach integrates our team’s expertise in business development, marketing, sales and operations to increase sales and profit. It’s through Acara’s experience working with more than 100 companies nationwide and internationally that we are able to create business and market strategies that drive success. To learn more, visit