On June 1, the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education (AFMTE) announced the winners of the 2019 AFMTE, Biofreeze, and BonVital’ Educators of the Year Award: Javier A. Perez Torres, LMT, MNSc, MBA, is the 2019 Teacher of the Year, and Tammy Roecker, CEP, LMT, CBE, CD, is the 2019 Continuing Education Provider of the Year!

“Massage therapy is just a branch of the tree of life. Every discipline is a flower. Every practitioner is a seed. Family is the root of that tree, but education is the trunk of that tree. Education is important in all aspects. For me, massage therapy changes my life every day but it’s education that gives meaning to it. Knowing that I was chosen for this award is the highest honor I could ever receive. Thanks to the AFMTE and those who make this possible, and for your contribution in forging a stronger massage therapy community for all educators,” said Javier Perez Torres.

The recipients distinguished themselves from a high-caliber pool of applicants based on their self-assessments of how they demonstrate proficiency in the standards outlined in the AFMTE’s Core Competencies for Massage Therapy Teachers, as well as by their experience and teacher training. The AFMTE Core Competencies describe the knowledge, skills and attitudes that form the basis for effective and successful teaching. This award honors excellence in therapeutic massage and bodywork education and serves to foster a culture that supports raising the standards of excellence in massage and bodywork education.

“I am so grateful and humbled to be receiving this award, to be associated with the AFMTE, and to share in their endeavor to strengthen and improve the massage therapy industry. The opportunities that now exist because of them, are incredible for people who want to teach. I am so happy there is finally an educational credentialing system for qualified educators. Nothing like this existed when I started! We now have this motivational, supportive community, promoting and honoring educators, helping us to continually learn, grow and change! All their efforts are not only helping to strengthen our educators but also increases the respect for our industry,” Tammy Roecker shared.

Make plans now to attend the 2019 Educational Congress in Philadelphia this July to hear from these winners as they share about the specific ways they demonstrate their commitment to excellence in education.

About the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education

The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education’s mission is to serve as an independent voice, advocate and resource for the therapeutic massage and bodywork education community. Our vision is to support, strengthen and elevate educational practices and standards in therapeutic massage and bodywork. The Alliance may be contacted at PO Box 40014, Tucson, AZ 85717. The phone number is (520) 329-2627, the general office email address is admin@afmte.org, and the website is afmte.org.