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The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education (AFMTE) is announcing a change in the name of its certified educator credential. It will now be known simply as Certified Massage and Bodywork Educator (CMBE). Due to some confusion between other acronyms and the original CETMB credential, the Board of Directors has decided to change the name, effective immediately. Over the next several weeks, the AFMTE will update all materials and marketing to reflect the new name.

From Deanna Sylvester, AFMTE Certified Educator Project Manager: “This name change reduces confusion and simplifies our acronym, while continuing to directly reflect the accomplishment and expertise of our certified educators.”

From Stan Dawson, AFMTE President: “The name of the CMBE credential reflects a fundamental value stemming from the ELAP’s Core: that the defining feature of massage and bodywork is therapeutic, structured touch, regardless of the system through which it is applied. It also honors a commitment to diversity and exploration in education while aligning with the AFMTE’s vision to advance the therapeutic massage and bodywork professions by strengthening and elevating educational practices and standards through supporting, credentialing, and engaging educators.”

The CMBE credential is awarded through a voluntary portfolio peer-review process to individuals who wish to exemplify the highest excellence as educators of massage and bodywork. The AFMTE Educator Certification Program’s portfolio review process is designed to provide educators with an opportunity to be reviewed and vetted based on competencies they already possess according to the published standards for massage therapy educators in the Core Competencies for Massage Therapy Teachers.

AFMTE’s Educator Certification Program does not include courses for educators, although AFMTE does have a recommended model curriculum for those organizations wishing to offer teacher training programs.

If you are a massage and bodywork educator and would like more information on this program, visit AFMTE.org/education/AFMTEteachercertification, or call (520) 329-2627 for information on AFMTE membership.

About the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education

The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education’s mission is to serve as an independent voice, advocate and resource for the therapeutic massage and bodywork education community. The Alliance may be contacted at PO Box 40014 Tucson, AZ 85717. The phone number is (520) 329-2627, the general office email address is admin@afmte.org, and the website is afmte.org.