Africology products have been produced in South Africa for 12 years with the expertise of Renchia Droganis, a reiki master, metaphysical counselor and body-mind therapist, on ancient African plants. Africology’s skin care products have been developed to revitalize the skin and protect it from damage inflicted upon it by free radicals, stress and climate.

Renchia uses her intuitive ability to select herbs, plants and oils in her formulations. She honors Earth before using products in her formulations; what is taken from Earth has to be placed. She acknowledges that we cannot give back waste water that is polluted with chemicals, so she works hard at removing harmful chemicals from Africology products. We do not use synthetic colors or fragrances. We avoid ingredients derived from petrochemicals and ingredients that can mimic xenoestrogens.

Africology makes use of the purifying essence of some of South Africa’s wonderful indigenous healing plants, namely rooibos, aloe ferox, marula and African potato. The active ingredients in our skin care products are powerful agents in repairing and restoring damaged skin tissue.

Products are used in 300 luxury spas in South Africa, including Cape Grace Hotel, Shanti Ananda, Mauritus.

Education is undoubtedly vital to South Africa. Africology helps young people through university each year, paying for tuition, books, accommodation and allowance. 

Products are now in the U.S. and can be purchased online at For more information, call (573) 826-9577.