MIDDLEBURG, Fla., Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. H. John Custead celebrates his 70th birthday with the release of his new book, "Aging Gracefully Or Nearly So" (published by AuthorHouse — http://www.authorhouse.com), with the hope that his years, experience and understanding will help younger readers along their path to graceful, successful aging.

"Aging Gracefully Or Nearly So" covers topics ranging from practical tips for staying healthy to what is involved in meditation. Starting from the feet up, Custead explores the aging process in relation to "money, nutrition, meditation and fantasy." His writing is relatable to readers of every generation.

In what Custead describes as "part manual, part memorial, and part memoir," "Aging Gracefully Or Nearly So" stresses the importance of the moral injunctions that were respected in the earliest writing cultures from Africa to China, and the author makes ample use of his Ph.D. in humanities. In recognizing the physical foundations of our psychological and spiritual dimensions, he stresses the importance of nutrition and regular, moderate exercise, providing detailed instructions for stretching, both in the morning and throughout the day:

      While commuting to work or to your part-time gig, if you're stopped by a      traffic light, in the privacy of our own auto, we can stretch our neck,      first back and forth side to side for some eight or so movements to      stretch those muscles on each side of your head.       After having stretched the side muscles of your neck, begin slowly at      first to rotate your head.  Perhaps at first in a clockwise direction.      Slowly, move the head round and round several turns, then reverse and do      several turns in the opposite direction.  Now reverse and continue to      rotate but now with more "reach."  I enjoy hearing the little stretching      sounds my tissues make as I am reminding them to remain limber and not      to freeze into the inactivity and inelasticity we associate with "old      age."  

Throughout "Aging Gracefully Or Nearly So," Custead repeatedly reminds readers to keep a sense of humor, another "essential ingredient" to aging gracefully. His advice is ultimately intended to provide a guide for "fine-tuning ourselves in expectation of transformation from this plane," he writes.

About the Author: Dr. H. John Custead lives and writes in the area of Jacksonville, Fla., where he also teaches part-time at a community college. He exercises and meditates regularly, eats well, and generally lives life to its fullest. His interests include growing orchids and collecting gems, stamps and antiques.

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