SILVER SPRING, MD –  Nov. 25, 2009 – The American Herbal Products Association’s (AHPA) Board of Trustees at its most recent meeting adopted new guidance policies on (1) microorganisms and mycotoxins, and (2) heavy metals[1]. The updated guidances are available on the AHPA Web site.

The approval of guidance policies by the Board suggests that adherence to these guidelines will support responsible trade in herbal products and is in the best interest of consumers. Therefore, AHPA highly recommends members and industry follow the association’s guidelines in addition to its trade requirements.

AHPA encourages herbal ingredient suppliers and herbal supplement manufacturers and marketers to submit information to AHPA to identify specific supplements and herbal ingredients (including geographical source and any additional pertinent information) that may require a different quantitative limit than those identified in these policies.

AHPA also encourages companies to submit information on the portion of marketed or manufactured ingredients or herbal supplements that exceed any of these limits or require reformulation or reductions in daily serving size in order to meet these limits.

“The new guidance policies are based on a careful review of microbial and other limits established by governments and organizations across the world,” said AHPA President Michael McGuffin. “AHPA’s limits prioritize consumer safety while remaining sensitive to industry needs – a strategy that promotes both compliance and safety.”

All of AHPA’s Guidance Policies are available online at