To find out whether massage clients might present with headaches on a given day, pull back your curtains and check the weather.

Massage therapy has been shown to significantly reduce the number and duration of headaches, and studies show that up to 69 percent of headache sufferers turn to massage for relief. New research shows that headaches are linked to weather.

The study of 7,000 patients by researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, in New York City, found that higher temperatures and lower barometric pressures are associated with severe headache pain.

“The findings showed that of all of the environmental factors considered, higher air temperature in the 24 hours prior to the patient’s hospital visit was most closely associated with headache symptoms, with a 7.5 percent higher risk of severe headache reported for each temperature increase of 5 degrees Celsius (approximately 9 degrees Fahrenheit),” a press release noted.

“To a lesser degree, lower barometric pressure 48 to 72 hours prior to patients’ emergency room visits also appeared to trigger headache. The researchers found no evidence that air pollutants influenced the onset of headache, but could not rule out a smaller effect similar to that previously seen for stroke.

A full report on the research is posted on the center’s website.

—Karen Menehan