Alleviate Stress with Aromatherapy, by Robert Tisserand, MASSAGE Magazine Self-Care TipIt’s a fact of life: Many of us are stressed out these days. Whether it’s because of personal finances or global strife, a prolonged state of stress can have profoundly negative effects on both our physical and mental health. And while some people resort to quick fixes, such as prescription medication, alcohol or nicotine, this only tends to mask the problem, add more stress and lead to addiction.
While there are number of healthy ways to relieve stress, combining essential oils with massage is especially effective, intervening on both physical and mental levels. Several studies have presented evidence that inhalation and dermal absorption of certain essential oils has beneficial effects, ranging from alleviating stress and improving sleep to stimulating the immune system.

So, whether you’re a massage therapist wanting to enhance the therapeutic benefits of your treatments, or you’re looking for natural and effective ways to relieve your own stress, consider adding these essential oils (ideally in organic, ethically harvested or wild-crafted form) to your repertoire:
Lavender — Light and refreshing; relieves tension, soothes, calms, improves sleep
Sandalwood — Serene and spiritual; relaxes the body, grounds the spirit
Patchouli — Earthy, spicy and sweet; soothes and unwinds the mind
Rose — Deep, sweet and euphoric; nurtures and balances the emotions, uplifts
Ylang-Ylang — Exotic, sensual, euphoric; relaxes the mind

Robert Tisserand, Alleviate Stress with Aromatherapy, MASSAGE MagazineInternationally acclaimed for his pioneering work and expertise in the practice of aromatherapy, Robert Tisserand has been studying and promoting the benefits of essential oils since his first book on aromatherapy in 1977. Today, he is actively involved in the formulation of Tisserand Aromatherapy’s personal-care products. For more information, visit