educates consumers about alternative medicine and is a resource to locate providers

Alternative Health Care Search Website Seeks Holistic Practitioners, MASSAGE MagazineBurbank, CA. ( is a natural alternative to standard health care search websites. provides news and information on alternative medicine treatments, defines the different types of providers and discusses the causes of illness from an alternative health care perspective.

“Many people do not seek out alternative health care providers because they do not understand what they do and how they differ from traditional, Western medical doctors,” said Ellen Cahill, CEO and founder.

Health care in the U.S. and around the world has become increasingly based on techniques that rely on pharmaceuticals that can be harmful or toxic to the body. These approaches are not focused on prevention. While there are times when this type of treatment may be necessary, provides advice and access to alternative forms of treatment that will allow consumers to make more informed choices regarding their health and wellness.

“Alternative medicine focuses on the prevention of illness and the use of nontoxic, natural healing therapies. As health care costs continue to skyrocket out of control, there is a tremendous need for natural, alternative choices that emphasize prevention. We need to do more than treat symptoms,” said Cahill. is the go-to-site for people seeking information on alternative medicine options and alternative health care providers. Their goal is to raise the awareness of alternative options and help people locate qualified providers in their area that can help them obtain and maintain wellness. is actively recruiting holistic practitioners for its alternative medicine provider database.