Celebrity Pilates trainer Alycea Ungaro conveys the essence of her exclusive classes in a book accessible to beginners and experts alike

NEW YORK – Pilates Practice Companion, the new book by celebrated author and celebrity Pilates trainer Alycea Ungaro, was released Jan. 20, 2011. The title (DK Publishing; January 2011; hardcover, $25) is a one-stop guide for Pilates novices, as well as those hoping to consolidate what they already know.

Accessible, authoritative and inspiring, Pilates Practice Companion guides people of all abilities in their practice of Pilates. Separated into exercises for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels, the book allows readers to focus on the exercises that are relevant to them and to progress at their own pace. With step-by-step photography, clear instructions on each exercise and key features, such as annotated photographs of common faults and a list of the physical and mental benefits of each exercise, Pilates Practice Companion demonstrates how to practice Pilates without costly classes and equipment.

“I am trying to give the reader a really full Pilates experience, so it should feel as though you’re taking the class: you should be able to hear the cueing,” said Ungaro. “I’ve written it in a language that’s a little more accessible, not so literary. My goal was to convey the essence of a class in a book.”

This book offers a more holistic approach to Pilates than other Pilates books. A chapter on the benefits of Pilates gives an overview of the ways that Pilates can maintain or restore the health of the body. With the help of specially commissioned anatomical drawings, it explains how Pilates exercises work on and benefit everything from posture, flexibility and strength, to energy levels and integrating body and mind. The final chapter, “Pilates Every Day,” offers advice on how to use Pilates in all aspects of life—at work, for winding down and for rehabilitation, for example. It also includes advice on healthy eating, helping readers to make better food choices to feel more energized and balanced.

About Alycea Ungaro

Alycea Ungaro, P.T., and Pilates practitioner for 20 years and is one of the most recognized and influential Pilates teachers. She is a Fitness Magazine advisory board member; author of several best-selling Pilates titles including the just released Pilates Practice Companion; a certified physical therapist; and the founder and owner of Real Pilates, the largest studio in New York City solely dedicated to the Pilates practice. Privately, her celebrity clientele includes Madonna, Uma Thurman, Christy Turlington, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Claire Danes, Molly Sims, and Russell Brand. Ungaro’s personal mission is to make Pilates available to everyone regardless of age, fitness level or geographic location. For more information, visit www.alyceaungaro.com and www.realpilatesnyc.com.