Evanston, IL – The American Massage Therapy Association® (AMTA®) announces the results of its 2009 national election, conducted electronically among its Professional members.  Glenath Moyle of Oregon ran unopposed and was elected President-Elect. She will serve in that position from March 1, 2010 through February 28, 2011 when she will assume the position of President.  On March 1, 2010 current President-Elect, Kathleen Miller-Read of Washington, will become AMTA President.

Winona Bontrager (PA) was elected and Cynthia Ribeiro (CA) was re-elected as Vice Presidents and will serve two-year terms beginning March 1, 2010.

The elections of Glenath Moyle as President-Elect and Winona Bontrager as Vice President result in two unexpired positions on the board – a Vice President and a Member-at-Large.  These will be filled according to policy by March 1, 2010.

Four Members-at-Large of the Board of Directors also were elected. One to fill a previous vacancy for a one-year term and three to serve two-year terms beginning March 1, 2010:
Elected – Rachel Mann (NC); and Julie Finn (MI) to serve the one-year term
Re-elected –Maureen Moon (CO); and Jeff  Smoot (OK)

Michael Blackmore (OR); Jennie Irving (IN) and Lucia Kaestner (VA) were elected to the 2010 Commission on Candidacy and will coordinate the candidate search for the 2010 national AMTA election.

A report on election results is available for AMTA members at http://www.amtamassage.org/member/pdf/2009TellersReport.pdf .  (Members must login to view the report)  Photos of those elected to the Board of Directors also soon will be available on the AMTA Web site at www.amtamassage.org.

The American Massage Therapy Association is the largest non-profit, professional association for massage therapists, massage students and massage schools.  The association is directed by volunteer leadership elected by the membership and fosters ongoing, member involvement through its 51 chapters.  AMTA works to advance the profession through ethics and standards, the promotion of fair and consistent licensing of massage therapists in all states, and public education on the benefits of massage.  The association actively promotes its members to the public and potential employers.