The American Massage Therapy Association is one of the nation’s largest massage membership organizations—and with its professionally and politically active membership including more than 58,000 massage therapists, it has spearheaded many activities and initiatives over the past decade.

From engaging in government relations to providing massage to 9-11 rescue workers, AMTA members may count many achievements since 2000.

“AMTA launched major initiatives, took bold action to advance the profession and offered unmatched benefits to its members in the past 10 years,” stated an association press release. “As the new decade begins, the association reflects on its past 66 years and looks ahead to new challenges.”

The AMTA has posted short articles on 20 association-related topics from the past decade, which may be viewed here:

The article topics are:

• AMTA GR Program Helps Boost Number of States that Regulate Massage

• AMTA Announces Support for MBLEX as Massage Licensing Exam

• AMTA Marks 13 Years Celebrating National Massage Therapy Awareness Week®

• Surveys Show Changes in Consumer Use and Views of Massage

• AMTA’s Find a Massage Therapist® National Locator Service Jumps from 4,000 to 60,000 Users per Month

• AMTA Members Step Up After 9/11

• AMTA Helps Members Affected by Gulf Hurricanes

• CVOP Galvanizes Chapter Leadership Development

• AMTA Launches Volunteer Connections to Give Back to the Community

• Online Job Bank Connects AMTA Members to Massage Job Openings

• AMTA Expands CE Offerings with Launch of Online Courses

• AMTA Launches Online Shopping Mall – Savings Help Reduce Cost of Business

• AMTA Promotes Massage and Members through Media – Boosts Coverage and Use of Massage

• AMTA Expands Relationships with Healthcare Organizations to Position Profession for the Future

• Annual Overviews of State of the Massage Industry Released

• AMTA Voices its Views through Position Statements

• AMTA Convenes Groups for Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge Project

AMTA Support Drives Massage Research through Foundation

• AMTA Supports Members During Recession

• End of Decade Signals 66 Years of AMTA Service to Members and Profession