SEDONA, Ariz., July 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — The summer of 2008 has proven to be one of the most stressful times in recent American history, with seven stressors leading national headlines:

     --  Gas Prices at all time highs         --  From $25/barrel in 2003 to $134/barrel for August 2008      --  Housing Market & Foreclosure Rates         --  1 out of every 501 households      --  Unemployment Rates         --  National Average 5.50%      --  Economic Recession & Inflation         --  June 2008 Inflation Rate: 5.02%      --  International Conflicts         --  Iraq, Afghanistan & Africa      --  Obama vs. McCain: Election 08 atypically polarizing      --  Baby Boomer Health, Aging Concerns & Social Security  

The health concerns posed by the rise in stressors in America translate to numerous physical and psychological health concerns. And with over 67 million Americans qualifying as obese, and an additional 75 million as overweight, solutions to reduce stress and improve health that are attainable regardless of health or fitness level are in dire need.

Researchers from Weill Medical College of Cornell University have reviewed a lesser-known form of exercise originating in South Korea, Dahn Yoga, and the quality of life improvements associated with this energy-based form of yoga, unlike traditional Indian yogas.

The results of the study, as published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, found that after three months of Dahn Yoga classes, participants in a cohort study reported fewer depressive symptoms, less anxiety, and greater self-efficacy than they reported prior to taking the classes, and scored an increase of 15.5 points on a mental health exam. Complete details published in "Prospective study of new participants in a community-based mind-body training program."

"Mainstream forms of exercise have clearly proven health benefits, yet as Americans continue to suffer from stress-associated health challenges, more than ever we need ways to better manage integrated physical and mental well-being," said Dr. Sung Lee, M.D., formerly of the Weill Medical College of Cornell, and currently Secretary of the International Brain Education Association. "I was much impressed by the depth and range of quality of life improvements among persons practicing Dahn Yoga, and believe this method has significant benefits for both individuals and organizations."

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