In its continuing efforts to lead the way in environmental responsiveness in the healthcare industry and bring savings and quality to its members, Amerinet today announced its GreenCare Initiative.

Healthcare professionals are paying more attention to the environmental impact of their operations, said Todd Ebert, president and CEO of Amerinet. Organizations focusing on environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP) not only achieve safer working environments and a more positive public image, but can also see substantial financial savings.

Selecting environmentally friendly goods and services allows hospitals and healthcare facilities the opportunity to reduce costs and improve margins due to lower overhead costs, and avoid waste disposal, liability or occupational costs, said Kris Keck, contract manager, Amerinet. It also significantly improves the impact on environmental quality and provides a healthier environment for their community, patients and staff.

Recognizing the importance of greening the healthcare supply chain, Amerinet has taken the lead in providing EPP educational resources to staff and members. The company also supports EPP through continual reviews of the Amerinet portfolio for opportunities to enhance environmentally friendly product coverage to its membership. Amerinet is currently offering more than 33,000 green purchasing options, which are listed on the member resources section of the Amerinet Web site. Green alternatives are available in virtually all product and service areas, with environmentally friendly advantages including energy efficiency, waste reduction, mercury alternative and recycling, package efficiency, greener cleaners and recyclable or compostable products.

Amerinet also offers continued support of organizations, such as Practice Greenhealth, who provide consulting services on EPP topics and work in conjunction with Amerinet on strategies to expand green products/services within the portfolio. Amerinet was recently recognized with the 2008 Champion for Change Award by Practice Greenhealth, for its efforts to change the culture of the healthcare industry by setting the standard for the way hospitals can and should improve the environment while maintaining quality care.

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