Evanston, IL. The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) announces a new relationship with HealthGrid of Massachusetts to provide AMTA members nationwide with a special discounted opportunity of 30 percent off the cost to join ReferralPro. ReferralPro allows medical doctors, allied and other health professionals, mental health workers, and fitness experts to connect with other health professionals in their region, make referrals, collaborate on behalf of shared cases, and build their own preferred referral network.

“We look forward to providing our members with this opportunity to improve their ability to connect with other health care providers for the health of their patients/clients,” says AMTA President Cynthia Ribeiro. “A growing body of research is reinforcing the health benefits of massage therapy. ReferralPro could be a great tool for massage therapists.”

“Massage therapy is an integral part of a rapidly increasing number of types of care teams,” says Jim Rutstein, CEO of HealthGrid. “Massage therapists must be able to source, evaluate, and make referrals to and collaborate with medical and non-medical providers alike.”

The American Massage Therapy Association is the largest non-profit, professional association for massage therapists, massage students and massage schools. The association is directed by volunteer leadership elected by the membership and fosters ongoing, member involvement through its 51 chapters. AMTA works to advance the profession through ethics and standards, the promotion of fair and consistent licensing of massage therapists in all states, and public education on the benefits of massage. The association actively promotes its members to the public and potential employers.