The American Massage Therapy Association will hold its annual meeting for massage therapy school educators, administrators and owners Feb. 18-19, 2010, in St. Pete Beach, Florida, the AMTA announced Dec. 1.

“With the massage therapy profession and education in a period of rapid evolution, the [The AMTA Massage Therapy Schools Summit] will seek input on school-related issues and provide a venue for frank, inclusive dialogue on how schools can flourish and on the need to educate massage therapy students for successful practice,” a statement from the AMTA noted.

On Oct. 1 MASSAGE Magazine reported that AMTA had discontinued its Council of Schools board, a move that followed the launch of a new organization dedicated to schools as well as non-school-affiliated continuing-education providers, the Alliance of Massage Therapy Education.

More information about the The AMTA Massage Therapy Schools Summit is available at