by Barbara Cunningham, R.M.T.

Rogers Cable, a division of Rogers Communications Inc., will be featuring Paul Lewis, R.M.T., on Daytime, a Canadian daily lifestyle show, Feb. 11 at 11 a.m. (EST). After engaging in a recent article about Lewis on, producer of Daytime, Kim McCleary, promptly called Lewis to arrange for his appearance on the show. McCleary was impressed with the fact that Lewis’ Multi-lingual In-chair Massage Instructional DVD is nominated for four Telly Awards.

Based in NewYork, The Telly Awards honor the very best in film and video productions, Web videos, commercials and films. His DVD is up for a Telly Award in three separate film/video categories of nonbroadcast productions: education, health and wellness, and how-to instructional. Lewis’s DVD has also been entered into the People’s Telly Award special nonbroadcast category, which is judged by the public in an online competition beginning in late March.

Daytime is an entertaining lifestyle show that highlights the people, events and topics in and around the community.

Lewis is a registered massage therapist, CMTO (Canada), NCBTMB (USA) and FHT (Europe) member and approved provider. He is a certified fitness instructor, reflexologist, international speaker and educator. His Multi-language In-chair Massage Instructional DVD is being distributed worldwide in seven languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese. The contents of the DVD prepare massage therapists for performing a safe and effective in-chair therapeutic massage on a client in a seated position. Basic and advanced modified Swedish massage techniques, including the introduction of joint mobilizations, are clearly demonstrated with proper biomechanics. Warm-up, self-care and grounding exercises are included to reduce stress on the body. Treatment modalities are combined in the sample routines. Suggestions of alternative uses, assessment and strategies for integrating in-chair massage into your existing practice are mentioned. A step-by-step demonstration on how to properly adjust and maintain the massage chair is another very useful component of this DVD.

You can participate in the People’s Telly Award voting on YouTube’s People’s Telly Channel or by visiting